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Tropical fish and aquarium supplies in Eltham, London

At Castle Aquatics, our expert members of staff are on hand to ensure that you leave us with the right fish for your specific requirements.

We colour code our fish labels so its easy to select suitable fish for your aquarium, our staff are always on hand to help you make the right choice, we are also able to advise on the best food to feed your fish, fish tank maintenance and any general information you may need before starting up your aquarium.

From tropical fish and tanks to medication and live food we stock everything you need for your hobby, Castle Aquatics are Eltham's premier fish and aquarium suppliers.

Our aquarium and pond supplies include:

  • All glass fish tanks
  • Biorbs and accessories
  • Complete aquarium kits
  • Internal and External filters -including  Fluval, Eheim and Aquael
  • Airpumps - including Tetra, Rena and Eheim
  • Hikari fish food
  • Fish medication -including  Interpet, API and Waterlife
  • Frozen food
  • Pond liners
  • Pre-formed ponds
  • Pond pumps and filters - including Laguna, Hozelock
  • U.V sterilizers
  • Pond plants - Lilys, Marginal pond plants and Oxygenating plants

We stock an excellent variety of fish at Castle Aquatics Including:

Community Fish

  • Neons
  • Danios
  • Mollys
  • Guppys
  • Swordtails


  • Lake Malawi Cichlids
  • lake tanganyika 
  • South and central American Cichlids
  • Discus

Brackish Fish  

  • Spotted puffers
  • Monos
  • Scats 

Fancy Gold Fish

  • Black Moors
  • Telescopes
  • Orandas

Pond Fish

  • Koi Carp
  • Ghost Carp
  • Tench
  • Sterlets

New Fish Arriving Every Week

 Live foods

  • Daphnia
  • Brine shrimp
  • Bloodworm
  • Giant bloodworm
  • River shrimp

At Castle Aquatics we offer a free water testing service. We check that the water is healthy and that everything is as it should be. If you have any concerns about your fish, please feel free to drop off a sample and let us put your mind at rest. Results are generally available within 10 minutes.

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For expert advice on a wide range of fish, visit our shop or call us on 020 8856 0505